Previous Courses Taught:

War and International Security (Summer 2016)

International Political Economy (Spring 2016, Summer 2015)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Winter 2016)

Comparative Political Economy (Fall 2015)

Introduction to Economics: Markets and the State (under Solita Monsod, 2012)

Microeconomic Analysis (2009)

Development Economics with Agrarian Reform and Taxation (2009)

Teaching Assistant:

Introduction to International Politics (under Vesna Danilovic, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015)

International Relations Problems (under Vesna Danilovic, Spring 2015)

Law and the Political Process (under Stephen Halpern, Fall 2014)

Cases in Civil Liberties (under Stephen Halpern, Fall 2014)

Constitutional Theory (under Stephen Halpern, Spring 2015)

Constitutional Law (under Stephen Halpern, Spring 2015)